Today's Feature Movie:
Killers From Space with Peter Graves
This presentation contains a Superman cartoon, One episode of 'The Phantom Creeps', several concession stand ads, and the feature film 'Killers From Space'.

Sometime around 2006 I started the original ‘pcmovieman.com’. The idea was to allow downloading of public domain movies via a shopping cart. You could also order a DVD. The site flopped.

I went as far as to create a dvd series called ‘Saturday Night Drive In Movie by pcmovieman’ - again, a flop.

HOWEVER… I actually burned ALL the movies to DVD and thought - ‘Hey, how ‘bout putting them out here just to let people watch them for free ( along with a few gratuitous plugs for other businesses and friend’s sites ).

So … here it is. I’ll add more as I get them.


Back then I was streaming live to something called ‘shoutcast’ - it was Winamp’s built in video streaming. It was great – I could post affiliate links, etc. with the stream. The downside was too many porn and other butt wipes were shoving javascript, popups, and every other cruddy thing and ruined it for all of us – shoutcast disabled the ability to include links. So… that abruptly stopped. Who knew only a few years later Youtube, partnered with Google, would have ads on videos.

I just checked google for references to ‘pcmovieman.com’ and found lots of links to the Shoutcast shceduler I’d written – It would stream and inject commercials – kinda like a streaming mixer. It worked well – for me… others using it had lots of trouble. Oh, well. It’s obsolete now but at least I can say ‘Hey Ma, Look What I Did!’ :)


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